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In Digital electronics, Logic gates are very important. They are basically decision making devices made by transistors. These devices are used in motherboard and other computer applications.
EX-OR gate is one of logic gates. It is also known as exclusive OR gate. It is simply a type of OR gate.
This gate has one output and two inputs. In Above image is the representation of an EX-OR gate.
When both the inputs A and B are same then it gives low or zero at output and when inputs are different-different then it gives high or one at output.
Below is given the truth table of EX-OR gate.

From its truth table, it is clear that:
  • When both inputs are same (Low or high, i.e. Both A and B are same, either high or low), the EX-OR gives zero or low at output.
  • When inputs are different from each other, the output is one or high.
Illustration :
From above diagram we can learn the illustration of EX-OR gate. On the left sidebar of circuit, we have connected a battery. Two switches A and B are inputs and bulb is showing output.
When both switches are connected to same state or towards the same direction, then the bulb will not glow and thus shows zero low output.
When both switches are connected in different manner or direction then the LED will glow thus shows one or high at output.

Boolean Representation of EX-OR:
          _     _
X = AB + AB

We can say it as X is equal to A and NOT B OR A NOT and B.

This can also be written by showing a circle around the plus sign of output of OR gate.
For example:

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