How to Open Incongnito Window (Private Browsing) as default in Google Chrome | Wiki For You

        Google chrome is one of the world's best Web browsers developed by Search Giant "Google". It provides so many features to its users and thats why its popularity is increasing day by day. Incongnito Browsing is one of the best features. In incongnito Window browser will not remember your History, Cookies, Cache Files or any other like Auto fill data. I personally like this feature very much and also suggest you to always browse WWW in incongnito Window. In chrome you can open incongnito window by Clicking on settings in right top and then click on New Incongnito Window or Press these keys simultaneously : Ctrl+Shift+N.
        But instead of doing that every time when you open Chrome is sometimes waste our time. So you can do this trick to Open your Google Chrome as Incongnito Window as deafult. The trick is very simple:

  • Right Click on Google chrome icon.
  • In target Just add "onespace incongito" (without quotes) before the closing quote at last..
Above is an example :


So Enjoy this and Be Secure On Internet with Incongito Feature.
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