Tips to save your Wet Mobile Phone Quickly | Wiki For You

Dear Friends, many times, our mobile phone got wet like in heavy rain or if by accident we thrown it to water. At that time we don't care then we will loss our phone. Generally water affect IC of mobiles. So i am going to give you some basic tips on saving your wet mobile phone. follow these steps to save your phone:
  • Remove all Covers: Never switch on your Mobile phone,after it fallen into water. Just remove all covers and body of your phone as soon as possible. This step should be done too fast. now take a little piece of cloth or cotton and clean your mobile phone.
  • Use Fan : Use any table fan or hair dryer to dry your phone. Don't use hair dryer too closely to the phone, because it will cause too much heat and thus any internal part of mobile phone may damage. Use hair dryer at the place of battery, but remember! not so closely.
  • In this last step, Place your mobile phone infront of heat source like sun light. But don't do this if sunlight is very hot and direct. Now check your phone after a long time...Hope you will get it works.
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