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You already know that screen saver is used as a Entertainment source. Actually screen savers was developed to avoid Monitor's burn in. But now-a-days these are used just for fun than a way to protect your Monitor. If you want to display your own Pictures in Screen Saver then you can do it in just a bit of time. This is very easy task.

1. In your Monitor's Stand by Display, Right Click anywhere in Desktop and Click on Properties.
2. Now Click on Screen Saver Tab that is usually at third no.
3. Now from Screen Savers, Select "My Pictures Slide show".
4. Now it will Display Pictures in Directory: My Documents\My Pictures.
5. Now you can Cut and Paste your Pictures to that Folder or Change Settings and Set another folder as default.
6. To do this Click on Settings and Then Find
"Use Pictures in this Folder and Click on Browse and Select Folder of your Choice.
Now next time when Screen Saver will display you can see your Photos Slid Show.
To see Your Slide Show any time Just do the following:
1. Click on Start Menu->Search->All Folders and Files-> In the "All or Part of Filename",Type *.scr
and select ss(name of that folder ,for example: ssmypics,then copy or send that item to desktop.


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