Hide any File or Folder in Mobile Phone Without using any Application | Wiki For You

Now a days, People make a lot of search to hide their important data in computers as well as in Mobiles. Their is a wide range of Mobile Applications that let you Hide your Important Documents on your Mobile. For Example : File Explorer or File Hide etc. These Applications available for free on internet. But in case if don't have an internet Connection or your Phone is not Supporting that Application, then don't mind. Because i have a very good and simple trick to hide any folder in your Mobile.This Trick is Working Fine for All Java Enabled Phones mean this will work on Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG etc. For Example i have a folder in my Mobile Named WikiForU.
I should follow these steps to hide it:
1. First of all you have to rename that Folder with .jad extension. e.g-I renamed my Folder to WikiForU.jad
2. Now Create a New Folder with same name but with .jar extension. Ex- I created a new Folder and name it WikiForU.jar.
That's all. Now my Original Folder WikiForU.jad will be hided and a new folder WikiForU.jar is available that is empty.

Please keep in mind that the main folder, which you want to hide and in which your data is kept that should be renamed to .jad and the other fake folder should be renamed to .jar.

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