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Nokia Smartphones Comes with Synbian Operating System. Symbian is a Multi Task Operating System that has a lot of features. But Sometimes it hangs up and start showing some problems. If you also have a Symbian Smatphone and have such type of Problems then you need to format your Mobile Phone. These Formates are of Two types:
1. Soft Format
2. Hard Format

Soft Format: First you should try for this format. Basic Problems can solved by this method.This will Format your Whole phone and Erase all data on your Phone that means you will lost all saved data as well as contacts from your Mobile Phone. So be sure to have a backup of your data with Nokia Pc Suite. To perform a soft Format you need a fully charged battery. If you are ready then Close All Applications and
type :
Now Select Yes and Enter your Security Code. By Default it is 123456
Now your phone will automatically restart and Formated.

Hard Format: If you are fail to solve the problem with Soft Format then you should do a Hard Format. Please make sure that your Mobile's Battery is fully Charged and you have back up your all data.If you don't know how to backup then kindly comment here and i will explain you. Kindly note that if your phone battery will empty during hard format hen your phone will be useless.So be careful. To do Hard Format you need help of an other man.Follow the steps to do a hard format:
1. Switch Off your Mobile.
2. Press these three keys at same time :
 Press Call Key(Green Color Key)+ 3 +*
and In Touch screen Mobile Press Call Key + Camera Key + End Key at same time.
3. Now Start your Mobile Phone and Keep these Keys Pressed.
Format will Start. Now wait till the format will complete.
That was the The Whole Procedure.

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