In Order To Hire Android App Developers These Five Places You Should Look Into

If you’re in the market to hire an Android app developer, then it can be easily thought upon that you would want a developer that has all the qualifications you want him or her to have, and also the experience to back up all his or her claims of Android expertise. Therefore, in order to achieve this, you really need to go to the right source as well. You can read below how to hire app developer if you want more details.

 In the first glace, you might think that the world is full of Android developers. You can visit any freelancing site, and you will see various Android developers boasting their skills, and the price for per hour they put up is $5. But, it should be kept in mind that, not all Android developers are the same. And even false promises from developers that are inexperienced, can really hinder your ambition of making a top Android application. Therefore, following are some of the most important places, that you can use to find the perfect Android developer for your needs.


If you want the worldwide network talent, of the topmost 3 percent of software developers and engineers, then Toptal is for you. Since the ones who are listed on Toptal is already vetted with his or her skills and experience, you already know that you’re working with the best. If you want, Toptal can also handpick developers for you, according to your project specific needs. This will not only ensure that you will find the best developers, but also the developer that is most suited for your project.


Guru is an online freelancing website, that will help you hire Android developers. The most interesting feature of Guru is its Work Room tool. With the help of Work Room, you can easily negotiate projects, discuss features, etcetera. You can find developers on pretty much any budget you want. But do keep in mind that not to sacrifice cost for quality.

Android Development Communities 

There are about 99 Google Developer Communities all around the world. And within one, you will likely find your Android developer, who will have the skills and experience. You can tap into these communities and find the one who is passionate for his or her work. You really don’t have to spend time and energy to find your best developer. You can easily do that online via Google+.


Upwork is another freelancing website to help you find the developer of your choice. But one thing that should be kept in mind that, Upwork is all about quantity, not quality. You have to be extremely careful when choosing one developer. You can be easily scammed with promises that look good on the eyes and ears, like complete apps that finished within a week or even $12 per hour pay rate.

Android Conferences And Hackathons 

Developer communities, hackathons, conferences, are a nice way to find good Android developers. These developers devote a chunk of their free time into improving or challenging themselves. You can use hackathons boards or sign up for emails to get special alerts.

You will find conferences that are specifically tailored to the Android development in your area. Droidcon in San Francisco is an example of such developer conference in the San Francisco area. You can also talk with speakers or organizers for references as well.

With the help of the above places of interest, you can easily hire the Android developer that will suit you the most. You should always equip yourself with the best resources available, and that’s what these above suggestions will help you to do.