6 Websites To Buy And Sell Your Car Online

In case if you’re on a limited budget, and thus want to buy a car, used cars will be a great option as well. There are indeed many factors to look into when buying a used car. This includes the type of the car, the mileage is driven, the kind of the previous owner it had and also the year of manufacturing too. All these factors will tell you whether the car is worth buying or not.

There can be various reason why people sell their cars, and thus if you have some basic knowledge about cars, you’ll very much end up with a good deal at the end of the day. There are many websites available in UAE, which help in providing the right kind of information and cars to the customers. Following are some of the sites that you should look into before buying a used car.


 This is a great marketplace for all kinds of vehicles, of your choice. Be it cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles or any other. It is a one-stop place for all your vehicle needs. There are about 12,000 listings on the website. You can even compare all the options that you have as well.

Auto Trader

 Auto Trader is also established as a car magazine as well. It is most read among other car enthusiasts as well. You can also browse their online platform too, which provides the options to buy and sell used and new cars in the Gulf region. They also have the most classified listings, providing a varying number of options to the user as well. If you want to get your new car or used car’s registration renewed, you can do so at http://renewmycarregistration.com/.


Cashyourcaruae.com was launched in 2012. They have made car selling process easier, You can sell your car in just 30 minutes. You just have to book online an appointment, bring car to get inspected & get cash instant. They are focusing on customers time and give the best market price.

Dubai Cars 

Dubai Cars is a perfect place to get all the latest updates from the world of automobiles, can compare cars and also read the tips and guides as well. There is also a forum, where you can do various types of discussions too.

Yalla Motors 

Yalla Motos is very much one of the most popular platforms for buying cars. The platform allows users to compare cars from various manufacturers, get news on new car launches including their prices, and also browse through car listings as well and directly contact the seller.


This is the best place to buy a used car if you want the car straight from a dealership. It gives an overview of all the top dealers in UAE, along with options to choose from 6500 car models. You can browse the cars based on specs, detailed car history, and also the option to contact the seller as well. The ads are updated on a regular basis and also contain high-resolution pictures.