Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery life – What to Expect

Samsung is known for new technology and innovation. The company adds new hardware in their smartphones when they update their devices. 

The nextgen Galaxy smartphone i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to get a bigger battery and as per the leaks it is suggested that it will come with different power options along with fast charging. 

As there is no official confirmation from Samsung about the Samsung galaxy s8 release date, we can only sum up the leaks which are out for the device. Let’s have a look at all the info which we have for the Samsung Galaxy S8 regarding the battery

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Size 

We expect that Samsung will provide a battery with size more than 4000 mAh in the Samsung galaxy S8. It would be a wise decision to provide a battery bigger than 4000 mAh as Samsung is planning to add a new processor which might eat a lot of battery. 

If Samsung fails to provide a 4000 mAh battery then you can opt for the different power saving modes which are available in the OS you are going to get in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Using these power modes you can lower the system resources which will provide you a longer battery backup.

Off course all these options will be available in Android Nougat which is going to be the upcoming Android operating system. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery life 

When we talk about battery life the metric which we use basically is how many hours? We expect that the Galaxy S8 will provide a battery backup of around 500–700 hours. 

The device might deliver calling time of around 30– 60 hours but we are not sure as there is no confirmation about the battery size which Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with. 

As we have mentioned earlier that there is no confirmation from Samsung about the battery size which the smartphone will come with all this info is based on the rumors or leaks which are it there. 

Don’t take this info as the official specs of the device as you will only find about that at MWC 2017. 

What do you think would be the battery size of the Samsung Galaxy S8? Let us know using the comments section below.