Advantages of Linux Hosting

Friends! When it comes to the online businesses, then a person is always investigator of the best web hosting brand present out there on web according to their uses. However, if you had also done it ever, then had you noticed the server’s operating system options? Usually every web host offers two types of servers- Linux and Windows.

Linux servers are highly famous among the web developers, online entrepreneurs and other eminent internet personalities. So, what’s that important about Linux hosting, that people opt to choose it over the windows hosting. So, this post runs around the advantages of Linux hosting. Yeah you can also wait till black, for better black friday web hosting deals 2014

Linux hosting is an open source that is the very strong point of Linux hosting. When used with proper tools of hosting, Linux hosting servers to provide very fine scalability, reliability, speed and characteristics. So, for the detailed judgment have a look on the advantages of the Linux hosting. 

Advantages of Linux hosting

 Lower Cost Factor

As told above, the Linux operating system is free of the cost for the web developers and same is the case with the Linux hosting, the people who have little technical knowledge can enjoy the various free services that come with Linux hosting packages. File Server, Web Server, DNS Server and FTP are free for download. 

The web entrepreneurs choose Linux hosting over the Windows hosting due to the WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB scripts, easily getting installed on the servers. So, the advantage of linux hosting, saves a lot of money for the entrepreneurs which is great factor for them.
Although the hosting companies offer many features with the Linux servers so that no need of much technical knowledge is required. The talented web programmers can modify, improve and distribute the service because of the open platform of Linux servers.


Linux hosting offers high degree of flexibility to the users. The flexibility can be interpreted in the the terms of the hosting capabilities of the e-commerce applications, a number of websites and multimedia applications too. Moreover, it can be modified and the new things could be added accordingly very easily. 

High Degree of Compatibility

Linux web hosting brand is highly compatible softwares and other operating systems.Linux users can share its reputation of being compatible with other codes and scripts. It should be noted that the hardware and software parts should be compatible with each other so that the users get the uninterrupted service. 

If a user codes its website in Linux and uses the Windows OS based server than there will be no problems encountered by him. 

Performance Wise

The performance of the Linux hosting can be judged by the high speed of the servers. When compared to the Windows servers, the Linux hosting and servers tend to handle more data and traffic and applications simultaneous than the Windows.

Linux hosting comes with basic hosting and users have the freedom to increase its speed and performance by installing PHP, MySQL and Perl Script such that the users will be benefited by productivity and performance of the websites.


A host is reliable if it provides good uptime. The Linux hosting provides high and constant uptime that means the machines have the high probability of in operation than to be showing downtime.
That is ultimately useful for the users as they bring huge traffic for the entrepreneurs who already use internet and hosting for their business expansion. 

As a hosting provider, software fixes, maintenance and server upgrades are necessary to get rid of obsolete components to boost server performance in the long run and reduce hosting costs (however, let’s face it, anyone who’s connected to the Internet can experience a security breach). When it comes to reliability, Linux arguably outguns Windows since it was one of the early platforms to host websites as the Internet got started.


Security is also the major concern of a user who expects the high degree of security from its host. The security issues are handled quite brilliantly by the Linux hosting. 

The Linux hosting servers have daily backups and those are automatic. The attacks are handled furiously by the programs running on the servers. The data of the users are safe and secure on the servers of Linux hosting companies. If a person needs highest security then please be choosy in terms of brands as so many brands are offering Linux hosting at different prices. So, the increase in the prices enhances the features set too. 

So, guys! The above advantages of Linux hosting would be quite sufficient for you to choose Linux hosting over the Windows hosting.

If you have any queries related to the Linux hosting, then comment below and we will surely reply with desired answers.