Reliance Internet Packs & Plans in Mumbai

Reliance Internet Packs
Reliance Internet Packs in Mumbai

Reliance Internet Packs For Mumbai Users
Reliance offers internet packs and plans to its large user base in all over the India. Although, their data plans varies with area. Internet packs of Reliance GSM are not same for all states of India.
Here are the internet plans that reliance offers to its Mumbai customers India

Reliance Internet Packs For Mumbai Users

Internet Plans For Reliance GSM Prepaid: Like Reliance Kolkata users, the users of Mumbai also get internet packs with special features that is talk time balance. With most of the internet packs, users will also get a specified amount of talk time balance. Reliance also offers unlimited internet plans and packs for umbai users. Following are the details of internet plans for Reliance Mumbai:
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AmountValidityData Usage
Rs 296 Days175 MB
Rs 5730 Days50 MB + 47 TT
Rs 7630 Days75 MB + 66 TT
Rs 9421 Days650 MB
Rs 11630 days125 MB + 100 TT
Rs 12730 Days1 GB
Rs 17830 Days2 GB
Rs 24869 DaysUnlimited
Internet Plans For Reliance GSM Postpaid: Following are the postpaid plans offered by Reliance in all cities and states of India. Postpaid plans of Reliance are same all over India. The price given below is not only for Internet or 3G. Actually it is the price of whole postpaid plan in which user will also get some other benefits such as calls/sms etc.
AmountValidityData Usage
Rs 129930 Days5 GB 2G
Rs 149930 DaysUnlimited 2G + 5GB 3G
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