What is Pinterest and How Does it Work

Pinterest - New Social Network
Pinterest - New Social Network
The use of internet and social networking is on the top of users' interest. Facebook is on the top of social networking sites. Followed by Twitter and Google Plus. The competition between three kings of social networks is on the fast pace. The recent launch of Google Plus social network is highly affected Facebook and Twitter. A recent survey showed that Google Plus got same amount of traffic in just two weeks which took 2 years for Facebook and Twitter.
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What is Pinterest?
Pinterest is one of the very new and hot social networking site. It has so badly defeated other big social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to amount of traffic or the return on investment, Pinterest beats every other website on the planet. Even Facebook and twitter are not capable of driving that much amount of traffic that Pinterest has driven to websites.
There is also a success story about a guy who have earned millions of dollars just by using Pinterest with some specific strategies. Although, Pinterest said that his account has violated the Terms and Conditions of Service and thus Disabled that account but it an inspirational story to give you an idea that what you can do on Pinterest.
If you don't have any idea about this new social networking website then here is a short description for you. Pinterest is simply a website which lets you share your photos, images and videos with others. It is just like a Timeline filled with Photos just like Facebook Timeline. You can share your favorite images from your computer by uploading or by using some online resource.
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How Pinterest Works
As its name suggests, it is a network where you can pin your favorite photos. The shared photos or images in this website are called Pins. To help you categorize your Pins, there is a feature of creating Boards. A board is like a Category or a list where you will share specific images related to the topic of the category or board.
Like in Twitter, you have to follow other users if you want to get their updates, Pinterest has implemented the same concept. But here is a little difference. In Twitter, you can get all updates of that profile just by following him, but in Pinterest you also have the ability to subscribe to specific boards. If you want to follow all the boards by a person then simply click on Follow All. You can use Pin It Bookmarklet to instantly Pin some image from a webpage. Some websites also has implemented the Pin It Sharing button so it is more easier to share photos from webpages.
The main basic reason to use Pinterest is to Share your favorite images or Photos. But most of the Marketers are using it for marketing purposes. The reason why Pinterest helps a website or blog is when you share some image from a website, a backlink to the corresponding webpage is also given on Pinned image's page so it helps in driving traffic to your website or blog.
That is all for now. There will be other useful tips for using Pinterest to its best, for driving maximum amount of traffic to your blog and a lot more. So stay tuned.