Mozilla Firefox OS Overview

Mozilla's Firefox OS
Mozilla's Firefox OS
The Smartphone Operating System War is getting more hotter. The competition is increasing on a rapid pace.  The Android OS by Google has the maximum share in Smartphone Operating System market. Apple is doing their best to beat Android as they launched iOS 7 recently with a lot new features(unfortunately all of them were already on Android). Google unveiled its latest update of Android 4.3. The latest version of Android comes with great features and specially optimized for Tablets. To know more about Android 4.3 features and supported Mobile Phones and Tablets, you can read this article: Android 4.3 Features List.
The developer of one of the most famous web browser 'Mozilla Firefox' now came into Mobile OS market with its new 'Firefox OS' which is also known as FxOS. Mozilla has adopted a very new concept in developing the operating system. Like other mobile operating systems, it won't be based on some specific development language, instead it is based on open web technologies. Following is the more information and some features of Firefox OS.

Overview of Firefox OS

Firefox OS is simply an operating system which is totally developed on HTML5 and other web based standards. All the applications are needed to be written in web standards such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript etc. According to Mozilla, the Firefox OS will be much lighter and will require very less resources such as processing power and memory on the device. Thus, this operating system is specially designed for low-end budget phones. It will be very interesting to see whether Mozilla can compete two big giants Google and Apple with this Web Based OS. Although, as the operating system is new so there are not too many applications available at present time. Some main applications are available such as Social Apps Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, The Default Web Browser will be the most famous Web Browser Mozilla Firefox and some other applications such as Accuweather and Wikipedia.
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Features of Firefox OS

The Mozilla's Firefox OS has many new features. One unique feature of Firefox OS is Adaptive App Search. With this feature you can find application related to any topic you want. All you need to do is type the topic of your interest in search bar and you will be prompted with related results. From there you can choose any specific app or any page and can also save it for offline use. Some other nice features of Firefox OS are given below:
Contacts Integration: The big Social Applications such as Twitter and Facebook are officially integrated in Mozilla's OS. You can import all your Facebook friends into mobile contacts. A screenshot of contacts app is given below:
Contacts App
Contacts App - Firefox

Entertainment: Media applications such as Music Player, Video and Movie Player and FM radio are also included in this operating system. You can listen to your music anytime and can watch your favorite videos and movies.
FM Radio App
FM Radio App - Firefox OS

Maps and Navigation: With Maps and Navigation App you can get directions and information about traffic and local shops etc. The navigation is simply similar to other OSs. 

Marketplace: Marketplace is what App Store to iPhone users and what Play Store to Android Users. It is place where you can find applications for your mobile phone.

Supported Mobile Phones
Till date, Mozilla Firefox OS only supports two main Mobile Manufacturers, Alcatel and ZTE. Mobile Phones from these manufacturers has been launched in Latin America, Columbia, Spain and some other places. Other mobile phones will also be launched soon and will be made available worldwide according to Mozilla Organization. The screenshots of these two mobile phones are given below: