Introduction WiMax Technology

WiMax Technology
WiMax Technology
The latest technology has evolved since the evolution of mankind. There are many experiments and developments has been done everyday to enhance our lifestyle and make machines more productive and useful. The WiMax Technology is one of the major developments of current broadband and wireless technology. Most of you already heard this name and might be familiar with the word 'WiMax'. But If somehow you don't have any idea about it, here is a simple definition for you.
Wimax is a standards-based technological innovation allowing the distribution of last mile wireless broadband accessibility as an substitute to cable and DSL.
You might be using a DSL or Cable broadband connection in which a cable wire (mostly telephone wire and sometimes optical fiber) is used to establish a connection between user and ISP. But in WiMax, the wireless connectivity is used instead of cable as a communication medium. If you wanted to dig deeper into this subject. Read more below.

What is WiMax

The WiMax's definition in the layman's terms is given above. But what it is technically? Here its technical definition:
WiMax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. The IEEE standard is 802.16. It is the first 4th generation technology, which brings together the functionality of WiFi with the range and quality of service (QOS) of a carrier-grade cellular technology. WiMAX technology can deliver broadband wireless access up to 50 km for fixed areas, and 5 - 15 km for portable areas.
Usage or Working Of WiMax
In order to provide wireless internet connectivity, there are two types of devices needed in WiMax technology. One at the reciever end known as Subscriber Stations (SS) while the other at the transmitter known as Gateway. The reciever devices are small in size, like the shape of Pen Drive or USB. While the transmitters are mostly bulky and comes in the shapes of dish antennas.
Applications Of WiMax Technology

  • In growing markets and non-urban areas, WiMAX is getting deployed as a fixed wireless technology to deliver basic internet connectivity to non commercial and business users, It minimizes the difficulty of trouble of implementing fiber or DSL Cable.
  • In this set potential, the technological innovation can provide backhaul connection for Wi-Fi locations and other IP allowed gadgets such as VoIP mobile phones and video monitoring electronic cameras. In more designed marketplaces, WiMAX is being used as a mobile wi-fi technological innovation by large companies and providers.
  • WiMAX and 4G technology are also being used by a new reproduce of non-traditional providers such as cities, local & state government authorities, resources, business clients and other verticals.