How To Clean Up Computer From Viruses

Clean Computer Infections
Clean Computer From Viruses
The internet age has been evolved from recent years. Computers and Internet has been used in almost every field of our life. As the use of computers increased, the risks of using computers are increased as well. Today, almost all computer devices are connected to the internet most of the time. The Web is full of computer threats which can do great harm to your computer. Viruses and Worms can steal your personal information and can make your computer slower and unresponsive. Virus attacks also leads to the corruption of data and operating system and you will have to re-install operating system and then you may or may not recover that lost data again. So, cleaning up of your computer is very essential.
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Cleaning your computer is a process of removing unnecessary and harmful files and data from your computer. By going through this process, you can clean up your infected computer without having to re install operating system and without loosing any data. So, if you think your computer is infected and want to perform a clean to fix virus problem then follow the simple steps given in this article. If you are not so sure about the infection then you might check following symptoms in your computer:

  • When you double click on some folder in your drives, it open in a new window.
  • You cannot find Organize Options, such as View File and Folders etc.
  • Unable to click on Task Manager through Task bar.
  • Internet Data Exchanges even when you don't browse/download something.
Although, there may be some other symptoms of a virus infection if you are using a different Operating System or Software.
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How To Clean Up Infected Computer From Viruses

These are some tips and guidelines for you to clean up your computer from virus and infections without re-installing OS and losing your data.
  • First of all, make sure that you are disconnected from internet.
  • Now make sure you have installed a good antivirus protection software on your computer. If you find it hard to decide an Antivirus Program then use our Complete Guide on Antivirus Selection.
  • Now install your desired antivirus software and make sure that it is updated.
  • Boot your computer into Safe Mode by pressing F8 when booting your computer and choose Safe Mode.
  • Run your Antivirus in Safe Mode and perform a full scan.
  • Let the Antivirus complete the scan and restart your computer after the scanning has been completed.
  • This will clean up your whole computer from any infections.
Tip: Some Antivirus Software also provides feature of 'Boot Time Scanning' which scans your computer before all software files are completely up and running. If your antivirus support this feature then you may not need to boot into safe mode. Then you can just select 'Boot Time Scanning' or Pre-Boot scanning from scanning options.