What is Bluetooth? Its Power, Range & Applications

Bluetooth - Range and Applications

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an industrial specification for Wireless PANs (Wireless Personal Area Network). This specification is known as IEEE 802.15.1 . Bluetooth technology enabled us to send and receive data by short radio frequency range from one device to another like Laptops, Computers, Mobiles and Tablets. Bluetooth provided us a very secure way to share our data in a short area without any need of wires. All Bluetooth enabled devices use short range Ad-hoc networks called Piconets. In one Piconet, a device can simultaneously communicate with 7 devices. 
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           Bluetooth Wireless Technology is able to handle simultaneously both voice and data communication due to which we can use Bluetooth Speakers and Hands Free Headsets and Printers and Faxes with Bluetooth technology. Let us take a look at the History of Bluetooth. Bluetooth's name was based on the name of a King of 10th century named Harald Bluetooth. Harald was the king of Denmark.

Power and Range of Bluetooth

From the beginning, Bluetooth was invented in order to make a device which can establishes connection in low range while consumes much less power. So, Bluetooth is a device which consumes very less power (of order of mW) and establishes communication via low range radio frequencies. Bluetooth comes in the range of 1 meter, 10 meters and 100 meters. On the basis of the range of Bluetooth, it can be divided into following three types:
  • Class 1
  • Class 2
  • Class 3
Class 1: Class 1 Bluetooth is used mainly in industries or for special purposes. It provides range of 100 Meters.
Class 2: Class 2 is mostly implemented in Mobile Devices and Smartphones. It provides range of about 10 meters. It is mostly used type of Bluetooth. It works on 2.5 mW power.
Class 3: Class 3 Bluetooth have range of about 1 meter. 

Bluetooth Applications

Bluetooth is used in almost every technology device or gadget. All smartphones and Mobiles comes embedded with Bluetooth. We usually share our data, music etc with others over Bluetooth in our daily lives. Following are the main advantages or Applications of Bluetooth.
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  • Provides wireless connection between computers and peripherals such as Printers and Faxes.
  • Wireless Networking between computers where not much higher bandwidth is required.
  • In Wireless Mouses, Keyboards and Joysticks etc.
  • Data Transfer in various devices.
  • In Smartphones and Mobiles.
  • In remote controlling.
  • In Wireless Hands Free and Speakers.