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DotNet Framwork
Microsoft .Net Offline Installer
Dot Net Framework is very popular platform for creating applications for Windows based Operating Systems. Many software and tools are created using .NET framework which requires .NET framework to be installed in order to run. So many times, you may have seen such warning messages in Windows, when trying to install some software and programs. These warning messages are like: Microsoft .NET is required to be installed before continuing installation of this software. Then some software also gives the option to download Microsoft .NET Framework from internet. Microsoft .NET also not comes pre-installed in latest version of Windows that is Windows 8. So, users of new Windows 8 will also need to install .NET Framework manually before installing or using any software program which requires .NET Framework.
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           The official website of Microsoft Dot Net also provides free Downloads of .NET Framework but the main problem with that is they provides online installers. That means in order to install Dot Net Framework, you first need to download a file, known as .NET Online Installer. And then you need to run that file which will then start downloading .NET Framework and will automatically install Microsoft .NET framework when the downloading is complete. Microsoft started offering online installers for both .NET Framwork and Skype Installers. This is very time consuming job and it is also impossible if you wanted to install .NET Framework on some computer which is not connected to the internet so you cannot Download and install Dot Net via online installer. The other disadvantage of online installer is that if you once downloaded it over the internet and installed it but need to install in again , then you cannot do that easily. Then you'll again have to Download it via installer.
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          The solution of this problem is offline installer. With offline installer, you can download Full Setup file of Microsoft .NET Framework just like other software and then install it on any PC, Computer or Laptop. Here, i am providing you the links to Download any or all latest versions of .NET Framework. The latest versions of Dot Net Framework are: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5. To Download Full EXE Setup of .NET Framework, Click on the Download links given below.

Download .NET Framework Full Setup