The Convenience Of Today’s Technology Versus What We Had

It is incredible how we have come along in the world technology-wise. It seems that we woke up in a different world all of a sudden. We have gone from a world where the TV was the latest world-changing technology and it was many decades before the home computer came along. Even now we just began using the wireless USB and the wireless internet.
What happened to the culture?
The impact on the culture can be seen everywhere. As with anything there are good influences and bad influences. Can it be said that it is the technology that causes bad influences and anti-social behavior or is it those that use it that should be held responsible? For example it is the same as the old argument, do guns kill people or do people kill people? We can even go a step farther and say that it is the manufacturer that is responsible like the tobacco companies; if they didn’t create the product then the public wouldn’t get addicted to it.
           Why bring out this point? Because in the last 20 years, technology has gone from a necessity that we needed to create and do business to something that we ‘want’ at all costs. Let’s take the old PC’s you know, those boxy machines that are taking up space in the house that are hard-wired to the wall are now replaced almost totally with laptops and tablets. The wireless USB is what makes this happen after all you can’t have a device if you can’t charge it from anywhere! This is how simple it has become, and how scary that can be. I mean, if a little wire or cable is the difference between having the next fastest device on our hip then who know what is next.
Positive Impact
The positive impact is that there are people benefiting from the technology, I mean it isn’t just all games and phones. The world has become a smaller place and our economies have grown because of it which means more jobs for people and there have been more educational opportunities for people as well because of the technology. This is not to say that the technology is not being abused.
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Negative Impact

The negative impact is social in nature. The age of the wireless USB that allows us to take our devices everywhere we go has grown a generation of people so used to the stimulation we have more cases of insomnia, A.D.D. and antisocial behavior because the technology happened faster than we could prepare. Ask yourself is this a good thing? And if it continues, what will become of the next generation? It is bad enough we have a generation without a cause and a bad world economy. Do we need people sitting in a coffee shop with their devices not noticing the person next to them? Where will our social graces go? In conclusion, it is never the weapon but the intent of the user; we all have a responsibility to the generation that goes before us, so will you make your example count?