Growing Your Small Business? How to Choose the Right VoIP Service For Your Needs

If you run a small business, you should know how important it is to cut costs and increase revenues. Most traditional businesses use their own phone line for their business activities. However, if you want to cut costs on your phone bills, maybe switching to a hosted Business VoIP system is a good choice. Instead of using an on-premise phone system and having to pay a huge monthly fee for the service, plus the initial cost of the equipment, you could use a business VoIP service and save a ton of cash on your monthly phone bills.
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Voip Service
VOIP Service For Your Business
When you use a hosted phone system, you don't have to pay anything for new equipment, You will be able to keep your phone numbers and switch from your current service provider without any hassle. A hosted phone service will replace your traditional analog phone system with a hosted phone system and all your calls will be forwarded across the Internet through Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. You will be able to receive your calls on IP phones that are plugged into your broadband connection. With this new technology, business owners could save as much as 50% on their phone bills. You will also get much cheaper international and national call rates.
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You could manage the whole system through an online portal. You will not have to pay for any maintenance charges, since your service provider will make sure the whole system stays healthy all the time. Most of the Fortune 500 companies are using this new VoIP technology to lower their costs and boost their proficiency. Some value-added features for this type of service include 3-way calling, music-on-hold, personalized voicemail, auto-responder corporate directory and auto attendant.
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Another very attractive benefit of using a VoIP phone system is the mobility of the service. You could be anywhere and still be able to make and receive calls provided you have an Internet connection. If you want to cut costs and manage your business in an efficient way, switching to a VoIP phone system is very much recommended. Contact us today if you haven't try this new advanced technology.