Advantages and Applications of Microcontroller in Our Daily Life

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Microcontroller 8051
Microcontroller is an IC chip that takes input process data according to program written in its memory and gives output as control signal for controlling other machines and devices. To know more about Microcontroller read this article:
How Microcontroller Works?

            Microcontroller is used to control the operation of various machines and devices according to the program or given instructions in the memory or ROM of the Microcontroller. The program that is needed for proper working of Microcontroller is called Firmware and is written in ROM (Read Only Memory). ROM is a non-volatile memory that is its contents are permanent. Some latest ROMs can be Re-Programmed, but mostly it doesn't requires.

Advantages of Microcontroller:

            Microcontroller's use increased rapidly. Now these are used in almost every electronic equipment like Washing Machines, Mobile Phones and Microwave Oven. Following are the most important facts about Microcontrollers, which causes rapid growth of their use:
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  • Microcontrollers are cheap and very small in size, therefore they can be embedded on any device.
  • Programming of Microcontrollers is simple to learn. Its not much complicated. 
  • We can use simulators on Computers to see the practical results of our program. Thus we can work on a Embedded project without even buying the required Components and Chips. Thus we can virtually see the working of our project or program.

Applications of Microcontrollers:

Microcontrollers are mostly used in following electronic equipments :
  • Mobile Phones
  • Auto Mobiles
  • CD/DVD Players
  • Washing Machines
  • Cameras
  • In Computers-> Modems and Keyboard Controllers
  • Security Alarms
  • Electronic Measurement Instruments.
  • Microwave Oven.
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