Things and Analysis Related to SEO

The Revenue and Rankings Decline

Indications are there is a form of panic spreading through the Webmaster fraternity, with complaints of site revenues being drastically reduced and confusion regarding how website rankings are determined. The general perception is that there have been serious consequences for those involved with SEO, or survive because of search marketing.
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With the explosive growth of the Internet and its trading capabilities, a type of feeding frenzy developed. Anyone and everyone, who had the vaguest perception of a website, threw any material onto the Internet, with the expectations of becoming billionaires overnight. The victims of this information and attention screaming deluge, were the somewhat gullible consumers.

Websites in all genres were displaying inferior quality and content, usually poorly written and with graphics constructed apparently by three year olds. The online market was designed to attract consumers, which it did in vast numbers. However, anyone, searching the net for particular information, products or services, had a frustrating experience. The SEO exponents, who are now bitterly complaining, about tanked rankings and misinformation from Google, were in various ways, the authors of their own misfortunes.
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The Penguin Dilemma

Too much of a good thing, could describe the relatively past golden years of SEO. The Internet was choked with creative, but unrelated junk, presented in varying forms by seemingly experienced salespeople and inexperienced SEO “experts”. As with any other frenzy, it eventually had to stop. Although many webmasters are trying hard to get to grip with the “Penguin” concept, instead of fighting it, why not accept that Google has brought some sanity and control to the world of SEO.

The professionals of SEO UK will presumably adapt to the situation and be aware of the differing penalties imposed, between “Penguin” and their other Nemesis, “Panda”. For the true experts, this controlling factor although challenging, should be welcomed. It is possibly a form of “policing” and censorship, but is also a protection for those who take pride in their work and rely on its quality to succeed, rather than the saturation factor.
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One aspect of SEO has been clarified; no matter the niche of a website, its content relevance to the subject will be questioned. Therefore, searching the net could once again become a pleasure for consumers. Another aspect is that instead of indulging in self-pity, those related to quality SEO, should realise that their profession has just gone above the madding crowd!