Google is Going To Do Changes in its Algorithm To Avoid 'Over SEO' - Matt Cutts

Google SEO
Google SEO
Google is one of very much popular search engines of the world. Users loves to use Google Search instead of any other. Whats is special in Google Search is their focus on great content. Google always wanted to give high quality results to its users. For giving better, high quality results Google made some algorithms based on which the position of a website or blog will be set. To get on top of Google many people are struggling and go for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let us first understand what is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique to optimize your web pages in a way so that search bots can easily crawl content from them. For example - Adding Meta Tags etc.
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But many bloggers and of course company owners do 'Over SEO' . Actually we can't define 'Over SEO' in terms of Google. They are going to change their algorithms so this will clear when they done this change. Now we guesses as Matt Cutts - The head of Google Spam said that They want websites to display in top search results who have great content and not great SEO. He said that a user wants content and not SEO. Now there are many sites which have great content but lacks due to SEO and some others are enjoying huge clicks even they don't have good content. So they are going to do some changes in their algorithms to help both user and content creators.

So be careful ! Are you the one of them who are filling your Website or Blog with most searched keywords, If yes then your business is going to die soon. Because google and user wants content. So focus on good content. Never waste your time on doing SEO research as algorithms keep changing and your black SEO techniques may hurt your business instead of helping it.
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So share this article to your Webmaster friends so they can know about it and prepare themselves. Here are some great tips for being Good Webmaster or Blogger that Google likes:
  • Create unique content. Don't search for keywords and then write about them..No...Just write about field in which you have experience and you think that you can help others. Remember  that there are all kind of persons on internet.
  • Never waste your time on doing SEO Research. Although SEO is good for better SERP Placement, but as explained more SEO techniques will help you. As Search Engines keep changing their algorithms so any technique that is very useful today may become Black SEO tomorrow, which will hurt your rankings.
  • Focus on content and your rankings will increase.