Best Nokia Mobile Applications For Girls, Women or Females

Apps For Girls
Apps For Girls
Here is a list of Best Mobile Applications of Nokia Phone for women and girls. Females often don't use or utilize their smart phones as much males. Males are tweaking daily with their devices while Women from backward areas just uses mobile phone for calling, camera and music player.

But here is the list of best Nokia mobile applications that can help you better utilize your smartphone. Now you can receive instantly updates on Beauty Tips, Yoga Tips, Fitness Tips and latest fashion news. Check out these apps and comment here to tell your experience with them.
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Best Nokia Mobile Applications For Women or Girls :

Testme (Rs. 25 ) : This application comes under category of Love and Relationship.  This application is lot of fun. This tells you about the status of your relationships with your partners. You can know the relationship between a couple that is Boy and Girl , Male and Female. This application creates results on some specific facts and also lets you know about your relationship in future. Although the results are not 100% true. You can use this application for fun.

Beauty101  App For Ladies (Rs 25): This application is great for staying updated about latest fashion. This application has 101 beauty tips . It provides all latest trends including different different hairstyles, Makeup and Homemade Beauty Recipes etc.
Health Vault (Free on Nokia Lumia): This application helps you keep healthy. It  is useful for good health. This application provides cloud status updates about your body direct from Doctor. It also provides history info from doctor. This application is for Windows Users.
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Her Inspiration : This application is very good for getting some good advice and tips . It tells us How we can become a successful person. It also helps you to work smart.
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