Applications and Uses of Microprocessors in Our Life

Microprocessor is a multipurpose, register based, clock driven electronics device, Which processes the input data according to program written in memory and generates the desired results.

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In today's life, we uses microprocessor in almost all devices. Our computer, calculators and Mobiles are some examples . To understand its applications thoroughly, we can divide its applications according to field of uses.
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Applications and Uses of Microprocessor:

In Control Units: Microprocessors are used widely as controllers in industries and home appliances. In industries, we uses them to control temperature, speed of motor and other parameters. On the other side we also use them in our home appliances like Microwave Oven and Washing machine etc.

In Instruments: In this field, we use microprocessors in other instruments that may be lab instruments or industry instruments. This type is just like above. Some examples are: Frequency Counters, Function Generators and Spectrum Analyzers.
In Communication Systems: Microprocessor is widely used in communication systems. In telephone industry they are used in telephone handsets, Telephone Exchanges and Modulator-Demodulator etc. Microprocessors are also used in television broadcasting and satellite communication.
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In other Office and Home Applications: As we all know about Personal Computers and almost we all have them at our homes, offices etc. So we daily uses them for different tasks. Daily new software programs are made to do things more quickly. Microprocessors are also used in some toys and other entertainment appliances. Their are also many sectors where we make use of microprocessors.
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