How to Disable Facebook Timeline in Google Chrome

Disable Timeline
Remove Timeline in Chrome
Recently Facebook launched a New Feature for its Users, that is Facebook Timeline. However, Facebook wants to do something new, but this update is not liked by most users. Mostly Users activated it an a mistake and now eagerly waiting for tricks or official options to disable this.
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But the bad thing that Facebook has done, that they didn't gives an option for users to disable it, So once anyone enable it, then there is no official and genuine way to get it back.

Here, we are going to do a simple trick with Facebook, which let us use Facebook with Old Profiles. But it is to be noted that with this trick, this is only you who'll see your Facebook Profile as Old Profile, While all your friends and others will see it as Timeline. This means this trick is going to play only on Your Browser and this will not Disable or removes Facebook Timeline from your profile.
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The trick is very simple. If you used Internet Explorer 7 to browse Facebook then you may noted that Facebook Timeline is not working with IE 7 and works as Old Facebook. This is because Facebook doesn't Update or Designed this new version of facebook (Facebook Timeline) for older browsers like Internet Explorer 7. So here we go....Here we'll do the trick with Facebook. All going to do is to change our Browser agent to Internet Explorer 7 so that Facebook recognize it as older browser and will show old Profiles.
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This trick is available for almost all browsers. Here , we are going to play the trick only in Google Chrome Browser. This trick works on Windows 7, Windows Vista,  Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux. So lets start with procedure.

  • Download the User agent file for your according to your Operating System
User Agent File for Windows 7/Vista

User Agent File for Windows XP

User Agent File for Mac OS X
  • Save Above file to your Desktop by Right Click on File Name and click on Save Link as.
  • Now close all Chrome browser's Windows.
  • Run your downloaded Bat file from Desktop.
  • Now command prompt Window'll open and Google Chrome Window also opens.
  • Now goto Facebook and Login.
  • See the result......
Hope It Works For You.
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