How to Access Facebook Old Chat Sidebar in Google Chrome

Facebook New Chat
              Facebook is very popular social networking site. It is the biggest social network with a large number of users which is increasing day by day. Before sometime, Facebook changed a lot. They did many changes in its user-interface and privacy. Chat bar is one of them.
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            As you know, Facebook changed old chat bar with a new one, in which all friends showed , which looks very annoying. The problem is more , when you disabled images in your browser. Because in this new Chat bar the only way to recognize online friends is to look for a green dot at front of the friend's name, but when you disabled Images in your browser settings, then you can't see green dot and thus can't find which of your friend is online.
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            If you like this new change, then its OK. But if you are the one of the most who don't like this new chat bar then you can try this Chrome extension for your Google Chrome browser and can enjoy the old Chat bar when using Facebook in Google Chrome. Their are some extensions available for Google Chrome to get back to old facebook chat, some sites also offers custom scripts to install in Google Chrome. Here we are going to use Google Chrome Extension that can be downloaded from official Chrome web store.  To change new chat bar with old one, you have to follow these simple steps given below:
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  1. Goto this link to Install Extension:

     2.  Install this extension in your Google Chrome Browser.

     3. Now Login to Facebook and see the difference. Now you have old Chat bar. 
Please note that this extension will not be showed after installation, that means neither a pop-up message nor any icon of this extension will be showed. After installation this will take to the fanpage of this extension. It is your wish, you like its fan page or close it.
Enjoy Chatting......