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       Top tips to keep in mind before submitting your website to major Directories like DMOZ, Yahoo and others. Please read them and apply before submitting, because here we have explained how directories indexes websites and why your website fails to get accepted. We explain the most common mistakes that webmasters does while submitting to a directory.

         Please note that this article is for Webmasters and Website owners. So if you aren't one of them then you may read another one, because it may helpless for you. If you are interested in reading this then you may continue.

Search Engine Optimization is a hot trend between webmasters. They are doing new experiments daily. No doubt it is important for your website or blog to attain good rankings. It is necessary to get good traffic. You may know that back links are so important in SEO.

This is one way to get them. These directories may drive a lot of traffic to your website. Its useful for you to get your website indexed by these directories. But some things are kept in mind before submitting for these directories. Your site may not accepted into their program, there are some reasons behind this. Now we are going to study them. Here you will also find solutions for them. So read on.

Tips For Submitting Your Website or Blog to Major Directories:

  • Your Website or Blog Should Old Enough:
The age of your blog or website also matters. Your website shouldn't be new one, it must old enough so the directory's editor can review it on the basis of your site's details. If your site or blog is new, then first wait for some time, and then submit your blog or site to these directories. You may focus on your site's content in meantime.

  • Don't Fill Keywords in Title:
While submitting your blog to directories, they gives a field called Blog Title. You should fill only your site's name in this field. Don't try to be smart by adding other keywords. Many site owners are doing this mistake and getting bad results instead of Good. So don't be spammy. Just give your Blog's title in Title field. For example if i have an blog named World Tricks which is based on Computer Tricks and Technology news, then i should fill title with "World Tricks" only instead of "World Tricks-Computer Tricks & News". Be careful about it. This is the main reason of being rejected.

  • Use Small & Descriptive Description:
Again same thing comes. You should fill Description field with valuable and small description as much you can have. Unless you will be treated as a spam. Always be honest and choose the description which is short and best meets to your blog or website's content. Don't and never fill your description area with hot and meaningless keywords, that doesn't meet with your site's content.

  • Your Details Must Meet With Your Site:
After filling all fields , please review them that all are meeting to your site's content or these simply gives an overview of your site. In that time, be a Editor instead of submitter. Check all details and remove any meaningless content and change anything that you thinks will be changed by reviewers or editors. 
The use of unknown tags an keywords which doesn't meet to your site's content results in a rejection. Because your submission will be first reviewed by editors (That are humans and not bots). They will check all details filled by you very carefully and also check if your details are matching with your site or not. Then they will take an action. So think like an editor and never use meaning less info.

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