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The EICAR test file (official name: EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File) is a file, developed by the European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research, to test the response of computer Antivirus (AV) programs. .This  Virus is fake it don't Infect your Computer.
This file is infact a text file which will be saved as a com extension (i.e. executable file). This let users check their Antivirus's status that Antivirus is active or not. This doesn't harm your PC, Personal files and anything else at all. When you will done (by following the procedure given below) your antivirus software will show a warning message (I it is active) and you will see nothing if your antivirus is not fully secure. Then you have to update or to change your Antivirus Program.
1) Copy following code 

2)  Paste this code in Notepad and Save as "" on Desktop.

3) If your Antivirus Notify you "Virus is Detected",means your Antivirus Realtime scanning is working    properly.
4) If your Antivirus don't show any message automatically then ,scan file manually and test your Antivirus.
5) If your Antivirus don't Detect it then either Reinstall Antivirus or Update your Antivirus.

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