How to Make Windows XP Genuine or Activate Windows XP for Free

Genuine Windows
Microsoft had released it's new version of windows 'Windows 7', but as we know that some applications can't run smoothly on windows 7 or due to other issues many Computer Users are using Windows XP. Sometimes to download specific Softwares like Windows Media Player 11, Microsoft Security Essentials or .NET Framework or any other we required to take a validation test that the windows we are running is not a pirated and is original. At that time if we use pirated copy of Windows then we need this tutorial. So if you are one of that XP Users that are facing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage then this tutorial is very helpful to you. In this tutorial i will tell you how you can Activate your Windows or Make your Window Genuine.
So let's Start:

How to Activate Windows XP or Make it Genuine

1. Download RegFile and Open that file. Click on Yes if Asked.
2. Click on Start Menu->Run and Type Following:
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a
& Press Enter.
3. A 'Activate Windows' Window will open.
4.Now click on Yes,i want to telephone a customer service representive to activate Windows.
Now Click on Next.
5. Then Click on Change Product Key.
Now Type the following Key:
Then Press Update.
Now hit Remind me Later.
Now Restart Your Computer.
And Then Again goto Start-> Run and type 
%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a 
And you will See that Windows is already Activated. Now you can check on Microsoft's  
 Windows Genuine Website.
Tip: You should upgrade your operating system if you are using Windows XP as Microsoft officially stated that they are going to stop all the support of Windows XP by 2014. But if you have some specific reason like Development Tools Support or Software Support then you should stay with this Version of Windows XP.