Helpful Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Save your Time

Keyboard Shortcuts are combination of two or more Keys that when we hit them simultaneously they will open a specific Program that needs two or more clicks of mouse. Keyboard shortcuts make its easy to do your work fast on Your PC.Windows 7 is most popular Windows now a days. So It is most important that you should take advantage of this Version of Windows with These Helpful Shortcuts. With these Shortcuts you can do your work more quickly. Thus you can have more fun with windows 7.
So without wasting time Come on the Topic. Following are the top useful shortcuts of Windows 7
that you should know to enjoy Windows 7.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut
Function of Shortcut
To Get Help About Opened Program
Ctrl+C (You can Also Use Ctrl+Insert)
To Copy any document
Ctrl + X
To Cut a Document
To Paste 
To Undo
For Redo
This will Delete the selected item
Shift + Delete
To Delete the Item Permanently
To Rename a Document
Ctrl + Right Arrow
To Goto the starting of next word.
Ctrl+Left Arrow
To goto starting of the previous word
Ctrl+Down Arrow
To Goto Starting of the next Line
Ctrl+Up Arrow
To Goto Starting of the Precious  Line
Ctrl+Shift + any arrow key
To Highlight or Select a Paragraph
Shift + an arrow key
To Select or Highlight TEXT in a Document
Ctrl + an arrow key + Space
To Choose One or More Files From a Folder or Document
Ctrl + A
To Choose all the Folders,Files and Document in a Window
To Search for a file in Opened Folder
Alt + Enter
To See The Properties of the Selected Folder or File
Alt + F4
To Close a Window or Program
Altr + Space
To Close Minimize or Maximize a Window
Ctrl + F4
To Close or to Goto the File Path in a Window
Alt + Tab
Switch to another Open Window
Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel
Change Size of Icons,Change Text Size in Browser
Windows logo + Tab
Switch to another Window(Not in XP)
Cycle through items in the order in which they were opened
Switch to another Screen Element,Goto URL Box in Safari
To Goto Address bar in Windows Explorer
Same Function as Right Click of Mouse
To Goto the Start Menu
Alt+underlined letter
Display the corresponding menu
To show the Menu Bar
F5 (or Ctrl+R)
To Refresh (Even Webpage and Window)
To Close the Activated Task
To Run Windows Task Manager
Shift (When just Inserted
CD into CD-ROM)
To Stop Auto play of CD
Left Alt+Shift
To Write in Another Language(Only When Multi language Enable)
To Choose Different Keyboard Layout(Don't Use
If you don't know more about it,because it will change keys)
Above are the Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts that you should know generally. If you
know any other then kindly Comment here. This will helpful for other Users. Thanks
And Enjoy Windows 7.