Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Have a look at plus-sized phones, you will find the better and exceptional features in the market. But this time a new king is coming to rule on the users. Samsung is going to wrap off its latest invention in 2019 with the name of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Before its launching, we are seeing its features and specifications on behalf of which we have concluded that it will be the next flagship device by Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will definitely catch your eyes.

If the question takes birth into your mind that why and how it will get such title? Then just think that 855 Snapdragon with five cameras, 6.4 inches big display screen, and dynamic AMOLED Display you are going to experience. So, after experiencing all these features which grade will you offer to this device? But at the same time, it happens that a big phone faces big competitions as well. Apple iPhone XS MAX is one of those which also attract big competitions. It was launched in 2018 but it can compete Samsung Galaxy S10 an upcoming flagship device by Samsung. Below you can find the complete comparison between these two flagship devices. Samsung Mobiles, Apple iPhones are the two mobile phone brands that are the competitors of each other for a long time ago.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Screen: 6.4 inches, 102.2 cm2
Storage: 1 TB, 128/512 GB
Operating System: Android 9.0 (Pie); One UI
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3G, 4G/LTE, WIFI, NFC
Release Date: 2019, March.

For fantastic wide display, Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus offers 6.4 inches screen. The screen supports HD display. All other main features that consider before buying a smart device are mentioned clearly. Android 9.0 (Pie); One UI is the advanced operating system offering by S 10 plus and the Samsung’ users never experience it before. It would be available with three options of RAM including 6 GB, 8GB and RAM, 12 GB RAM. Users can buy just according to their need. For storage, there are also two options i.e. 128 GB and 512 GB are available. Moreover, it also supports external SD cards for more storage capacity. Multiple connectivity functionalities users can find. The comparison of Samsung Mobiles Prices in the UK declares that by keeping in view its features it is coming with reasonable price ranges.

Apple iPhone XS Max

Screen: 6.5 inches, 102.9 cm2
Storage: 64/256/512 GB
Operating System: iOS 12, upgradable to iOS 12.1.3
Connectivity: Bluetooth, 3G, 4G/LTE, WIFI, NFC
Release Date: September 2018.

No doubt, Apple iPhones are the luxurious mobile phones around the world. Every time Apple offers the exceptional features that catch users’ eyes and seduce them to buy. Apple iPhones Prices in the UK vary from device to device or features to features. Through its comparison with Samsung Mobiles Prices in the UK, it comes to see that Apple iPhone XS Max is, somehow, expensive. But at the same time are not you comparing the functionalities? It comes with a wider display than that of S10 mobile phone. The operating system is also, somehow, powerful than that of the Galaxy phone. But there are some fewer specifications also come to see i.e. it offers less RAM capacity and it does not support external storage functions.

Conclusion: What are the ups and downs features Samsung Mobiles, Apple iPhones offer one can easily grab from this above discussion. Now, it depends on you are you the lover of Android operating system or look for the iOS operating system? However, both offer advanced operating systems. Moreover, other features like display, cameras, processors, connectivity are, somehow, similar.