Process Of Installing VPN on Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

Media Streaming Devices like the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has become very much popular over the years. Both of these options are great options for watching Full HD or 4K content. The Fire TV supports up to 4K streaming options, while the Fire TV Stick up to 1080P. Unless you’re in the USA, most of the content will be blocked from being accessed. And this is where, a VPN comes into play.

With the help of a VPN or Virtual Private Network, one can easily mask his or her IP address to make it seem like an US IP address. VPN also gives you better security by encrypting your data and prevent from snooping. There are various VPN services to choose from for Fire Stick Tricks, but before you make the right decision, you should first choose the right tool for streaming as well. This includes the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick, and knowing the differences between them.

Fire TV Or The Fire TV Stick

 Even though both were released in 2014, the Fire TV is a lot more powerful than the Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV supports up to 4K media streaming, while the Fire TV Stick up to 1080P or Full HD. The Fire TV Stick is like the “lite” version of the the Fire TV. So, if you have a 4K HDR TV, then it makes more sense to go with the Fire TV. Otherwise you can go for Fire TV Stick.

Choosing The Right VPN Service

 There are various VPN services you can choose from, like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VyprVPN, etcetera. Firstly, you should look at the overall features of the various VPN services, and then the overall pricing structure as well. This includes support for your device, having a kill switch and also having a “no log” policy too.

Installing VPN On Fire TV And Fire TV Stick 

Method 1: Installing A VPN From Fire TV App Store
  • Firstly, you have search for the VPN on your Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. If you find the same, then you’re good to go, otherwise you have to skip to the next method.
  • After finding VPN you searched for, you have to proceed to download and install it.
  • After that, launch your VPN app, and then sign in.
  • After that, you have to select a location in the US and proceed.
  • When a VPN connection request comes up, you have to click on OK. 
Method 2: Installing VPN With Direct Download
  • You have to search for an app called “Downloader” on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.
  • After downloading and installing the Downloader app, you have to manually search for your VPN app via this app.
  • After you’ve found a direct download link, you have to download the APK file. After downloading, you’ll be prompted to install. If not, you can find inside the downloads section of the Downloader app. But, the APK since downloaded via this app, will not show in the Apps menu. You have to find it in the Settings.
  • After going to Settings > Applications, you have to find the Installed Applications, and then from there, launch your VPN app.
  • Then just sign into your VPN app, select an US location and finally connect to the VPN network. 

Bonus Method: Installing VPN On Router

In case your VPN service don’t have a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick app, but has a router app, then you can install VPN on your router. Just make sure to connect your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to the same router and select an US location for VPN.

Tips For Troubleshooting

  • You can always uninstall the app, by going into Settings > Applications, and then Manage Your Applications.
  • You can always restart your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick by unplugging it, and letting it stay for a few minutes.
  • In case if you experience any kind of lag, you can always connect to another US VPN.
  • If you encounter any problems with your VPN service, you can contact the Customer Support of that respective VPN. For example, ExpressVPN gives 24x7 Customer Support.