Dropbox Guide - Signup, Pricing Details and Installation Help For Windows, Linux & Mac

Dropbox is one of the very famous online storage providers which gives you various unique features for free of charge such as instant synchronization of files and folders and ability to share them with your friends and colleagues. There are also some other features of Dropbox.com such as Mailbox and Dropbox screen capturing etc.
To be able to use Dropbox for online or cloud storage you have to have a Dropbox account and installed Dropbox software on your PC/Mac. Creating an account on Dropbox is pretty easy and free of charge. Dropbox gives you 2 GB online storage for free of charge right away when you sign up for their service. Though, you can get upto 50 GB space by completing some of the to-dos given by Dropbox such as completing the getting started wizard, connecting your Facebook account and referring your friends. Do not worry about that yet, I will guide you through the whole process from the very basics to mastering the dropbox and getting almost 50 GB of cloud storage just for free from Dropbox. So, here we go.

Sign Up and Installation:

In this part, we will learn how to create a new Dropbox account and how to install it on your computer Computer or Mobile Devices.
  • Go to the following link: Dropbox Website.
  • Now a page will open saying a welcome message. Enter your details, such as, first name, last name, your email and the password that you wanted to set to your Dropbox account.
  • Check the mark saying 'I agree to Dropbox Terms' after reading the terms given on that page and then click on 'Create Account'.