Revamp Is on the Way for iOS 7

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Revamping is on the way for iOS 7 and it is being done by none other than Jonathan Ive. It is now six months that he has been in an expanded role as the top product visionary of Apple. His new mission is to overhaul the software . This person is also responsible for designing other great gadgets like Macbook Pro and iPad Mini. He has got the works of product design and he is up to changing the whole thing. One thing that Ive plans to do is to cancel the realistic effects of graphics and bring in more dramatic effects.
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Plans of Jonathan Ive
                         One of the things that Ive is doing is reviewing the new designs all the time. He wants to avoid a repeat very badly. He also wants to meet the two groups of people from software and hardware divisions. All the people at Apple are at a tremendous hurry to finish the iOS7 and they want to showcase the phone in the next Worldwide Developer’s Conference. One of the group of people that are helping the mobile-software people are the “Tremendous pressure” group of Mac. They are helping out for the smooth release of the phone. Ive was described by the late great Steve Jobs as his “Spiritual Partner “.  He was given most of the operational power by Jobs. As Jobs is gone, it is a natural duty for Ive to look after the goodwill of the company, which he has been doing quite well for a long time now. At one time, when the company was nearly bankrupt, it was the genius of Jonathan Ive that saved the company. His design of iMac did the trick. It was a great success. Ive is more of a hardware man and not interested in coding and software. He specializes in making products out of aluminum and glass and this has elevated him to great heights by the design of products like iPad. But there is doubt whether he can achieve the task of making the phone in time amidst managerial clashes after the demise of Steve Jobs. It is a very critical situation for the company and it is the necessity of the hour that Ive also manages the company rather than only looking at making of phones.
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Jonathan Ive has done wonders for the Apple Corporation. He has created some of the most famous gadgets in the history of technology. His genius was recognized by none other than the great Steve Jobs who is unfortunately no more with us. Today, his role is very important as far as Apple Company is concerned. The company is going through a mini crisis after the passing away of Jobs and it is high time that Ive takes some managerial works as well and makes sure that the new phone iOS7 comes out in the market in proper time. This is one of the most important things.