Top 10 Cartoons Of 90's

Hello Friends, Recently i posted Top 10 Cartoons Of 80s. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Now i am going to make a list of top 10 most popular cartoons of 90's decade.
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The List goes as:
Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons Of 90's:
  1. The Simpsons
    The Simpsons
  2. South Park
    South Park
  3. Beavis and Butt Head
    Beavis And Dick Head
  4. Futurama
  5. Family Guy
    Family Guy
  6. Daria
  7. Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants
  8. Ren And Stimpy
    Ren And Stimpy
  9. The Trick
    The Trick
  10. Space Ghost Coast to Coast