How To Delete Chat History or Recent Conversations in Skype

Skype Tutorial
There are so many times when we call or chat with our personal people about our personal topics. So, for example if someone is flirting with other on Skype and may be his/her Girl or Boy found out that then he/she may be in great trouble. This is not only the case, sometimes this also happens in business matters that we don't want to get others know about our talks or conversations on Skype.
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      So, If you are the one of them who want to delete their recent conversations or clear their call history on Skype then you are reached at right place. You can delete or clear your talk or chat history in Skype. Its very simple. Here i am going to show you a tutorial which will guide you through the process of deleting your recent conversations or chat history. This method works for almost all versions of Skype SO, Lets get started.
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How to Delete or Clear Chat History or Recent Conversations in Skype:
  1. Open Skype and Sign In with your username and password.
  2. On the Menu bar, Click on Tools and then select Options.
  3. Click on Privacy Tab.
  4. Click on Clear History where menu saying 'Keep History For'.
  5. A Confirmation Box will pop up.
  6. Click on Delete button to confirm deletion of all Chat History or Conversation Records.