How to Disable/Enable Auto Update in Mozilla Firefox

Auto Update Mozilla
Auto Update in Mozilla Firefox
The Browser War is gathering momentum day by day. Now Google Chrome is on the Top. The X King of Browsers ‘Mozilla Firefox’ also maintaining new version updates for improvements in user-interface, security and speed. No doubt, Google Chrome is really fast browser. Google Chrome is the World’s first browser who introduced the concept of silent updates. Silent updates will install all security updates to the browser silently or in background. This is the main reason that 97% Google Chrome uses its latest version.
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Following Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox also introduced this Auto updates feature in Version 4. If you have Mozilla Firefox 4 or higher version then your browser will automatically check for updates and install them in background. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can control the auto updates of your browser? How you can Turn them OFF or ON?
First of all lets understand how automatic updates work.
How Automatic Updates Update your Browser:
Now every new version of Mozilla Firefox is coming with Automatic updates enabled by default. In such case, Firefox will check for latest updates in background and download updates if available. Firefox will install them next time your start your browser. All changes takes place on next restart. All your data like History, Bookmarks and customization kept as is but some of your Add ons may not work on latest versions. For example Google Toolbar is not supported by latest version of mozilla firefox like version 10,11,12 and 13.
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Now Mozilla Firefox browser is also using a background service known as ‘Mozilla Maintenance Service’ to update Firefox browser silently. By using this, Mozilla Firefox will granted access from Windows UAC (User Account Control)to install new updates without the user’s knowledge. This service remains OFF and not uses any system memory or process until a new update is downloaded an ready to install. And after the finishing of installation the service will stop automatically. With this added feature, Now user don’t have to Click on ‘Yes’ on UAC Pop up box when installing new updates.
Benefits of Automatic Updates: Automatic updates are good for some reasons. For example these updates contains security updates which will keep your computer safe. The newer versions may contain new features etc. But these are not good always and sometimes not required.
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Dis-advantages of Automatic Updates: The automatic updates have also some de-merits. As newer versions are mostly incompatible with present add ons, new versions lags in some features. For example you may noted that whenever you get a chance to work on Mozilla firefox 3.5 the speed is really fast than newer versions and that version is also very simple  to use. Although i can’t sure about security but that browser is small in size and faster than newer versions. There are so many reasons that you may not wanna update your browser to new one. Don’t worry in this tutorial you will learn how you can turn OFF or Disable automatic updates in Mozilla Firefox. Automatic updates also wastes your bandwidth that is it will slow down your connection speed if you are on dial up.
How to Check for Updates Manually:
In Mozilla firefox you can also manually check for updates. For this follow these steps:
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Press Alt from your keyboard.(Only do this step if you can’t see menu bar in your browser. Menu bar contains->File, Edit, Tools etc)
  3. Now a menu bar will appear.
  4. Click on help.
  5. Click on About Tab.
  6. Now firefox will display the current version of browser and also do check for new updates.
  7. It will start downloading if the newer version is available.
  8. On completion of download, Firefox may prompt for restart.
  9. Changes will take place on next restart.
How to Disable Auto Update in Mozilla Firefox :
Mozilla Firefox comes with Auto update feature enabled by default. Although you can disable or Turn it OFF by following steps given below:
For Windows 7/Vista:
  • Click on Firefox button located at left top of browser window.
  • Click on Options.
  • Select Advanced Panel.
  • Now click on Update Tab and this open a pop up window containing different different update options.
  • Now if you want to turn OFF automatic updates completely then under Firefox updates Check the circle saying-’Never check for updates’
  • Also uncheck box saying ‘Use a background service’
  • Now click on OK and you’ve done.
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For Windows XP:
  • Click on Tools menu from Menu bar located at top of browser window.
  • Now click on Options.
  • Click on Advanced Tab.
  • Click on Update.
  • Check the circle saying never check for updates.
  • Also uncheck box saying ‘Use a background service’
  • Click on OK.
  • That’s all.
Now your Firefox browser will never check for updates until you manually check.