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Google Re-Indexed CO.CC
First of all you should be familiar with this article. .CO.CC is a domain service. They are located in Korea. provides free domains for personal use and domains at very low costs for business uses. Therefore many blogger used their services. Most of them was spammers, these websites didn't provides any good information therefore Google banned all these domains. This means that these websites or blogs not showed in search results. Obviously, Google want to serve good quality content to their users.
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        .Most of You may already know that all domains was removed by Google from their index. This was a very bad news for many bloggers. Many bloggers used domains for their blogs to be hosted on a custom domain. But without caring about them, Google banned all sites.
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        But now don't know what happen to Google.If you are also a user or was a user of then now it may be a very good news for you. Google may re-indexed domains. Yes! it is true. There is no sure proofs or any statements about this from Google, but it is true. If you are not believing then you can try it .
Do the following, to make it sure:
  • Do a Google search for any .CO.CC Domain for example : 
  and you will be surprised.....
          Enjoy Domains.
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Update: Google again de-indexed the domains and this free domain name service is no longer provided.
Please keep visiting, we will provide updates containing official statements from Google about this.