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Hi friends,
                If you are a dial Up User or was before, then you may know How the pages are loading in a dial Up Connection. In dial ups we mostly get very slow speed. Speed is main need of a Internet User. So i am now writing Some basic Tips that can gives you a better Speed in Your Browser. So Let's Start:
  •  As you all know, Images are a main cause of slow loading. So you can Disable Images for all sites as well as for some selected Sites. All Major Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firfox, Opera and Safari have this option for Users. 
For Mozilla: Click on Tools-> Options->Content->Uncheck load Images Automatically.
If you don't know How to do it in your Browser. Please comment here with your browser's Name and i will tell you full details.
  • Most Users knows about the effect of Images in browser, but a very small number of people knows that loading Flash Content and Unnecessary Ads also Slow down your Browser's Speed.
          So to Block Flash Content and Ads you can Use Extensions. The Users of Mozilla Firefox can Download the Following extensions:
       Download Ad Block Plus
       Download Flash Block Plus 
       To Block Ads on Internet Explorer You can Use this Extension:
Downlaod Toggle Flash Addon

You can also Check Our other Article to learn How to Stop Ads in Google Chrome Browser.

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