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How to get a Premium Rapidshare Account or Buy Anything Online for Free:

Do you want to get your own rapidshare account  for free. Yes Now it is possible. You can get your own premium Rapidshare Account for free. But before starting i want to tell you will not get account directly (Sorry fot that), You have to do a little work that is very easy. So if you are a brave man and can do some work only then try it, otherwise you are wsting your time.

1. First of All Create your Account in Paypal (Create Account). Don't Mind its free. You will asked for Credit Card Details,just Cancel it.
2. Then goto The Website by Clicking Here.
3. After Joining this Website, You will get Credit of $27 USD by Doing Simple 7 Surveys.
4. This Website Will Pay you after your Amount will greater than $75. You can get more Money by tell it to your friends. This website will pay $1.25 for referring one User.
5.  Now post it on All your Status at Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc.
6. After Joining your Friends, You will Get Required Amount.
7. Now you will get money to your Paypal A/C. Now use to buy Rapidshare Account or Anything Online.


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