Trick to Block a Website From your PC with Simple Steps

Block Website
This trick is good for parents to prevent their children from viewing bad content on Internet. Parents can block any website on their computer with these simple steps. Because their is so much bad content on internet and their is no another way to stop it. So to block any website on your computer just follow the steps:

1. Goto Run Command by clicking on Start-Run or by pressing Windows Logo key + R simultaneously.

2. Copy and Paste this line to run box and press enter

notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or 

You can open this file by going to My Computer-> Windows -> 
System32 -> Drivers -> etc ->hots-Open it with notepad.

3. When you press Enter Key, A notepad file will open with file name "hosts" .In The end of this file, Write this: (anysite is the Address of the site that            
                                                 you want to block)
Take a look at Example:

Now Click on File->Save to Save your Changes. And you have done. Now open your Browser and see the result.
Thanks and Enjoy......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please comment here to let us know what you need.