iPad Apps for English Language Teachers

iPad Apps For Teachers
iPad Apps For Teachers
iPad is a great device. Almost everybody now own an iPad. The device has great features and a lot of applications to play with. Well, these applications are not limited to tech savvy or geeks. Now computers and other devices are not only used for fun and entertainment, instead these are gone far beyond than that. Now devices such as iPad, Notebook, Netbook and Tablets are also used in Study and Education. There are many applications on apple app store for all iOS devices. There are also some Applications which can be useful for Eanlish teachers. As the number of applications are pretty much and it will be hard to find best and top applications for you. Here is the list of top and best iPad applications which Teachers of English Literature can use to help them in their subject.
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Best iPad Apps For Teachers

Essay Grader: Essay Grader is an application which helps you in grading students' essay or assignments and give them appropriate feedback. It is good tool which will also help you in saving a lot of time. The application also send assessment document to student's email addresses and also gives you option to export data to your personal computer. This application is much useful for English teachers as they usually give essays in assignments. But its not limited to only English teachers. Any teacher, who want to minimize his grading time and want to give exceptional feedback to students can use this application. The link to App store is given here: Essay Grader on App Store.
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Teacher Kit:This is the one of the best iPad Applications available for teachers. The applications helps teachers to plan classes and learners. The simple and user-friendly interface allows instructors to track the presence, qualities and behavior of students. The Teacher is available for free for both iPhone and iPad. But don't underestimate its power by its price. It is a really effective tool and removes the need of an assistant teacher which is not available in all schools. Here is the link to its App Store Page: Teacher Kit on Apple App Store.
Teacher Tool: TeacherTool helps you to preserve qualities and makes recommendations for end-of-term or mid-term qualities. TeacherTool helps you to preserve your feedback about learners and provides them to you in the future session. Teacher Tool was also awarded by Apple in 2011 and 2012. This application has 5 Star ratings in German App Store.. TeacherTool keeps a record of your students‘ absences and informs you if they are unexcused, it knows your schedule and therefore knows where you are educating, and adjusts the start-up display accordingly, displaying you all the products that could be of attention that day. Download Teacher Tool : Teacher Tool on App Store.
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Keynote: Keynote is the most highly effective demonstration app ever developed for a Mobile Device like iPad. Designed from the floor up for iPad, it creates developing a world-class demonstration — finish with animation maps and changes — as simple as in contact with and hitting. Emphasize your information with amazing 3D bar, line, area, and pie maps, cartoon with new 3D graph creates such as Motorised hoist, Develop, Radial, and Move. Use full-screen perspective to existing right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod contact. Or use movie reflecting to existing on an HDTV, and review your slips and notices on your system using the Speaker Show. Link To Keynote: Keynote on App Store.