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Server Management
Server Management

What is Server Management?

Server Management is the task of managing Server for its longer and reliable life. Once a Server is installed and starts serving its services to users or clients, the server management gets started. In Server Management, one Server Administrator or Technician take care of Server and its proper functioning by performing some tasks. These Server Maintenance tasks can be Availability of Server, Monitoring Of Server and Security of Server etc. As the Job of a Server is very critical. When we install a Server, its obviously due to its need, so a server fulfills its tasks until it is up and running smoothly. But if a Server fails or crashes then it can cause large damage. That damage could be in the form of money, loss of data, loss of visitors etc. So to keep a Server Up and running smoothly, its care should be taken regularly.
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        Besides the smooth working of a Server, it is also Job of the network Administrator, IT Admin or Server Administrator to keep the Server safe from outer attacks and unauthorized access of confidential information. For the sake of simplicity, we have divided the Job of Server Management into following parts:
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  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Software Upgrades
  • Content Management
Maintenance:Server Maintenance means checking for the requirements of the Server. Maintenance is required before installing the Server and after installing the Server, it is the job of IT Administrator to make sure that all required Software and Hardware is provided to the Server.
Security: Security of the Server is very important. It is the most vulnerable part which leads to loss of data, unauthorized access to confidential data and Server Crashes. To be safe from attacks, proper security software and hardware is used so that Server remains secure always. For securing a CMS like WordPress on a Web server many tools are available.
Monitoring:Monitoring means regularly checking the Server for any errors or problems.If some problem persists, proper solutions should be provided before is causes some harm to Server.
Availability:It is a simple task of checking that if a server is Online or Offline.  For this, IT admin should use some tools such as automatic Ping to check regularly that the server is up and running. There are also some services which sends you an Email whenever your server goes offline. It can be done by downloading a file from File Server or by requesting some Email server on Mail server.
Performance: The performance of a server means how fast it responds to the requests and how much requests it can handle simultaneously. A Server Administrator should check the performance of server regularly and if finds some decrease in performance then he should upgrade the Server's components which causes slow performance.
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Hardware Upgrades:Hardware Upgrades means upgrading the hardware of server by time to time. It is same as we upgrades our home computers or laptops by increasing RAM or New Processor for faster speeds and reliable performance. The computer industry changes day by day. The latest technology of today can be old of tomorrow, so IT Administrator should keep a server always up to date for reliable services.
Software Upgrades:Software upgrades means upgrading the Software of the Server. That can be the system software such as Operating System or can be any application software such as cPanel or Wordpress. The Network Admin should keep all the software up to date which increases security and safety as well as functionality of the server.
Content Management:Content management is keeping the content of the Server safe and secure. For this, Server Administrator should make and keep regular Backups of Server's data. He should also keep looking in the logs of data access to make sure that no unauthorized file or data is being downloaded or uploaded to server.